Consultation Services

Independence Science offers webinar, telephone and on-site consultations.

We can assist with equipment set-up as part of remote training sessions.

On-site consultations allows our expert staff to meet with your faculty, staff, and students and lead hands-on training workshops that will cover set up and tear down of laboratory equipment. Sensitivity training, low-tech laboratory adaptations, discussions of how to make lecture and textbook science materials more accessible to students with visual impairments and much more. Our staff are happy to train students with visual impairments, teachers of the visually impaired, science faculty, and other support staff. One of our customer service representatives can discuss with you pricing for domestic and international consultation services.

Independence Science also can provide custom software development services to develop specific software solutions to access specific pieces of equipment. The equipment MUST be computer driven. We will require all the manufacture information and documentation about the specific product in question. Cost estimates are given based on the level of difficulty and type of access that is required. For more information, please speak to an Independence Science representative for more information.

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