PDF File Remediation

File Remediation Services Brochure (PDF)

Independence Science is proud to announce a new accessible PDF file remediation service. We know how valuable it is for accessible PDF files to be screen reader friendly. Therefore, Independence Science is now launching this now most needed service.
How does it work:
An Independence Science staff person will evaluate your PDF file and give an estimate for the work. We bill based on time and not by document. All files shared with Independence Science are treated as confidential and will not be disseminated outside of this service relationship. All estimates are risk free and do not obligate you to use our service. You will be billed for time used. If the estimate is higher than what was necessary, you will only be billed for the time used. If the estimate does not cover the time required, Independence Science will honor the amount quoted and you will not be billed for the additional time. For more information about this service, please e-mail [email protected] for more information.

Example PDFs:

Sci-Voice Talking Labquest 2 version 2.3

Blind Purdue grad works to make science accessible