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Ashley Neybert

Ashley Neybert is interested in making Science more fun and accessible for all people whether that be through physical access such as our Sci-Voice Talking LabQuest 2 or intellectual access by including novel demonstrations and relevant “real-life” usage of science to help people see why science is important for everyone from business majors to of course career scientists! Developer of accessible version of the tornado in a bottle experiment and can make a flaming pumpkin that doesn’t burn she is also a member on the American Chemical Society’s Chemists with Disabilities Committee and Vice-President of the National Federation of the Blind’s Science and Engineering Division. Ashley got her Bachelor’s in Chemistry at Rockhurst University in 2015 and is currently working on a Master’s in Education in Learning and Instructional Design at Wichita State University. You may contact Ashley regarding product sales, curriculum design work, speaking engagements, and to teach at camps, workshops, and conferences.

Contact: aneybert@independencescience.com
866-862-9665 ext 5

Greg Williams

Dr. Greg Williams received his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, in theoretical chemistry. His undergraduate background is in both chemistry and mathematics. Dr. Williams has been blind since birth and is originally from Northwest Indiana. He has been working with Independence Science since 2010 and some of his research interests are in science access technology development and technical braille codes. Dr. Williams has presented papers on science access at national meetings of the American Chemical Society, California State University North Ridge (CSUN), Assistive Technology Industry Association, and others.  He has worked for See Write Hear, and GH LLC, and Purdue University. He currently lives in Lafayette, Indiana and is happily married with two children.

Contact: gwilliams@independencescience.com
866-862-9665 ext 3

Peter Walters

Dr. Peter Walters received a PH.D in nuclear physics from the University of Rochester and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in applied mathematics/data analytics. He earned a B.S. in computational physics and mathematics from Saint Bonaventure University. He has worked as a research scientist, an educator, has written articles about technical developments in the commercial space industry, and apprenticed at a venture capital firm. He also serves on  the board of directors at MCC Development, Inc. Peter lost his eyesight as a teenager and has used assistive technology and accommodations to help him succeed at school, work, and at home for the past 25 years. He currently resides in the Bronx with his wife and children.

Contact: pwalters@independencescience.com
866-862-9665 ext 7

Robert Jaquiss

Robert Jaquiss holds a BS in computer Science from Oregon State University and worked Tektronix Inc. in Beaverton as a Software Engineer, Telecommunications Analyst and Network Administrator.  Robert was blinded due to ROP.  A member of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) since 1990, he has developed an expertise in the technologies related to the production of tactile graphics, three-dimensional models, and document scanning and processing. Robert joined the staff at the National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute (NFBJI) as a computer programmer and Access Technology Specialist. He has served on the NFB Research and Development Committee since 1993.
Robert has held several leadership portfolios including as Executive Director of VIEW International Foundation, where he oversaw the production of the book Touch The Sun, and as the founder of Tactile Graphics Solutions LLC (TGS). Robert is interested in tactile graphics. Robert’s interests include archeology, history, the history of the blind, and the sustainable rehabilitation of the blind.

Contact: rjaquiss@independencescience.com
866-862-9665 ext 4