Sci-Voice TM Talking Logger Pro Package For JAWS



Product Description

The Sci-Voice Talking LoggerPro product leverages the powerful Job Access with Speech or JAWS text-to-speech screen reader software along with the Vernier Software & Technology LoggerPro scientific data collection software to provide a powerful science access solution for quantifiable data collection in the science laboratory classroom. This original science access solution from Independence Science requires the Windows operating system along with the JAWS screen reader. Independence Science will require at time of purchase the JAWS serial number that will be used with LoggerPro. Each JAWS script file is coded to work with one JAWS license. Versions of the JAWS scripts can be made available for sight license purchases. The version of JAWS and Windows operating system will need to be provided to Independence Science at time of purchase. The Sci-Voice Talking LoggerPro JAWS scripts are typically provided to customers via DropBox link and is available for 60 days. It is strongly recommended that customers download the script files and save them to another location.

Logger Pro Brochure (PDF)

This package includes:

·    a site license for Logger Pro data collection software package

·     a single-user JAWS Logger Pro plug-in

·    a LabQuest mini

·    light sensor

·    relative humidity sensor

·    pH sensor

·    motion sensor

·    temperature sensor


This is great for classrooms with Windows computers with the JAWS screen reader installed. Includes everything you would need for terrarium and introductory vivarium monitoring, introductory meteorology, and more! Additional sensors available for purchase. Discounts available for bulk purchases.

A list of common JAWS/LoggerPro keystrokes follows:

Control-shift(S) announces all sensors that are connected to the data collection interface. The order the sensors are announced correspond to numbers 1, 2, 3…

Control-shift-(number 1, 2, 3…) will speak the real-time sensor reading. Pressing control-shift held down at the same time while pressing the corresponding number of interests twice quickly will put JAWS into, “Repeat announcement mode. The user can enter a time interval in seconds as to how often they wish JAWS to speak the sensor reading. Pressing this keystroke twice quickly upon the conclusion of data collection will end the repeat announcement mode session.

Pressing, “Space bar,” to start and stop data collection.

Control-tab and shift control-tab allows JAWS to navigate between objects on the main LoggerPro screen.

Accessing the data table, press control-tab until JAWS announces, “Table.” The up, down, left and right arrow keys are then used to navigate between columns and rows. JAWS will announce the column and row header as you navigate in the data table.

Accessibility Submenu

LoggerPro has an, “Accessibility,” submenu located at the bottom of the, “File menu.” Options available I this submenu include audio graph sonification, talking timer, and emboss graph options. For more specifics about any of these features, please consult the LoggerPro user’s manual.

Accessing statistics and other Analysis boxes on the LoggerPro screen

LoggerPro offers several data analysis tools under the, “Analyze,” menu. These include, statistics, tangent line, and integration. Once a specific option is selected, LoggerPro displays a new object on the main LoggerPro page. JAWS users will need to, “Control-tab,” until JAWS indicate the name of the box of interest.

JAWS users will then need to put JAWS in, “Command mode.” This can be done by pressing the, “Left bracket key.” JAWS will announce, “Command.” JAWS users will then press, “(F) for object field. This is followed by numbers from the number row starting with 1. JAWS will say, “box name. then pressing the numbers 2, 3, etc. will speak the key data points displayed in the box of interest. Pressing escape will cause JAWS to play the sound of a door closing to indicate that command mode had been exited.

Fore purchasisng information, email

For additional technical support, please contact Independence Science at 866-862-9665 and press option (2) for technical support. JAWS users can also e-mail An Independence Science technical support staff will respond within 24 to 48 business hours.