T-Shirt (Meet the Elements: Helium)


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The new Helium shirt has a balloon dog on the ground holding a bouquet of Helium filled balloons with confetti in the background in the middle of the shirt. Above it reads in large print “It’s party time! Helium Symbol: He” in 3 lines with a picture of the Helium square of the periodic table. Underneath has the same message in legible grade 1 braille. The back reads “Fun fact: You would need almost 6 million balloons to lift the average house!” Please note that this has been altered from the original description in response to user feedback for better visual appeal. A real image will be uploaded of the front and back when our photographer is no longer in the line of Hurricane Laura. Thank you for your understanding as we prioritize the safety of our staff during this time.

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Black, Blue, Forest Green, Orange, Purple, Red