Sci-Voice TM Talking LabQuest 2 Version 2.4

A smiling student holds up a LabQuest notes page that reads "The sounds of science is awesome."
a LabQuest 2 displaying a high-contrast periodic table
A student holding LabQuest notes page that reads "I love LabQuest. I want one." in all caps

Independence Science is proud to announce the newest software update for Sci-Voice Talking LabQuest 2.4 is now available.

This new, more robust version is compatible with the LabQuest operating system version 2.8.8. Some of the new enhancements include:

  1. Menu item vocalization ‘1 of 9’ for all menus
  2. Independent speech and sonification volume control hotkeys for added independence
  3. Vocalized “menu closed” for ease of use
  4. Addition of new Sonify button on Graph page for instant datasonification
  5. A whole new operating system for the newest and finest sensors

Contact Independence Science for upgrading possibilities. [email protected]