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The Talking LabQuest (TLQ)

As an adapted data collection device for students who are blind or visually impaired, the TLQ improves high school and college student's access to science courses. This hand-held, portable computer improves student participation in hands-on science experiments within a lab group. Main features include real-time audio announcement and recording of data for future analyzing. View a hands-on demonstration.

Careers in STEM Fields

Hands-on experiences are essential in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) studies and are possible for all students, with the right technology and teaching methodologies. Lab experiments are commonly viewed as too difficult for someone with a visual impairment and thus a student is relegated to note taker or secretary. Empower a new vision with Lab Access for All

Tactile Graphics

Use our lab adaptation specialists to improve accessibility of physical material in the classroom. With our resource program, quickly jumpstart your adaptations by using pre-assembled kits to create cost-effective accessible diagrams. Visit our large database of tactile graphics that you can download and print or order finished in the mail. Learn more about our tactile graphics.

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