July 2019: 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

Contributed by Robert Jaquiss
Editor of Independence Science Newsletter

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the 1st manned mission to the moon. This manned mission started July 16, 1969 with the landing on the moon occurring July 20. This landing and the excitement behind it led to many huge leaps in technology that we love today like GPS. We continue to work towards another future in space both through NASA and private space programs. The world’s 1st blind astronaut might be alive today. Want to learn more about space and accessibility? Make sure to sign up for our accessible space camp at ISLAND 2019!

Related to this, NASA’s Rebecca Doroshenk from the Office of Communications at NASA headquarters announces that Lunar Landing Site Models are available at https://www.nasa.gov/specials/apollo50th/media.html. These are downloadable 3D models available to the public of the historic Apollo lunar landing sites . For folks with access to 3D printers, these models each have brief descriptions in Braille.